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Mission Statement

The L Foundation was created in 2012 when LeAnne was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her brother, Kurt, shared with her that he had formed a foundation to help find a cure for cancer and honoring her fight against this disease.

It has since evolved into a means for Jade, her now teenage daughter, to keep her Mom's memory and the beauty she created through art and music alive. The foundation has touched lives in Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey and Florida.  Jade has presented two checks to Gateway for Cancer Research, given two iPads and an iPhone to children whose Moms have cancer. Monies have been donated through concerts, charitable gatherings, memorial gifts, 100 year old birthday celebration and generous donations. Please go to our donation page, if you would like, to be a part of our goal to help cancer research.

On March 17, 2017 Jade and Grams had a chance of a lifetime.  About 15 years ago, LeAnne was a guest of a client in Palm Beach to lunch at Mar-a-Lago.  This twenty-acre area was designated by the Department of the Interior as "The Mar-a-Lago National Historic Site" in 1969. The architecture, sculpture, planning and craftsmanship that went into this magnificent estate could not be duplicated today.  It is no wonder LeAnne was so excited to personally enjoy this architectural treasure. When an invitation came to attend a Gateway to Cures fund raiser at this "work of wonder", we wanted to experience what LeAnne had so enjoyed.  Jade was honored in their program for her fight against cancer in memory of her Mom through the L Foundation. It truly was an extremely remarkable experience.

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