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WOW ! interior design



"It is truly amazing to transform a house into a "home".  The fire within that creates the avenue for me to juxtapose client's thoughts with an incredible reality of fabulous design.  I am still fascinated with the prospect and floored by the outcome.  It is the highest form of expression in my world.  Growing up as a singer, dancer and musical performer on stage, I learned at a young age what drama was all about.  Without the proper scene there is no concept to grasp of who the characters are.  Thus I infuse my designs with my client's own unique character.  It is the stage of life and we are all living in it.  Children grow up in my homes, families celebrate the holidays, awards are won, acceptance to college letters arrive...and all that life is, lives in an environment that I helped create.  I am forever blessed and grateful to you all."      written by LeAnne Indrieri



LeAnne brought so much beauty to the world through her interior design, singing, art and by her presence.  When LeAnne became a licensed interior designer in the state of Florida, she formed her own company, WOW! interior design (, best viewed on Desktop or Laptop. We now preserve this website to document a history of her talents.  You may enter by clicking the picture above and enjoy pictures of homes from Jupiter to South Beach that she was honored to create for her clients.  We hope this brings Joy into your life like LeAnne always strived to do as you view her "works of wonder" from a God given blessing.  


LeAnne passed away October 2013 but lives in our hearts and through her beautiful daughter, Jade.


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